Master’s Programs Taught in English


Founded in 1954, Communication University of China has been dedicated to the education of competent professionals in the media industry. It is honored as “the cradle of the nation’s broadcasting and television talents”.
According to the latest National Discipline Evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education, Journalism and Communication Studies, and Theatre, Film and Television Studies at CUC ranked No.1 in China; Art Theory Studies and Design Studies respectively ranked No.6 and No.10.
Within advantageous fields of teaching and research, CUC offers English-taught Master’s Programs that are designed for international students with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
I Program Description
Master’s Program in New Media: Creativity and Technology
The Master’s Program in New Media: Creativity and Technology combines new media information technology with new media communication theories. Students are trained to apply cross-media, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural skills and scientific thinking to their study. They are required to gain a solid understanding of theories and methods in the field of media and communication. The goal of this program is to train interdisciplinary talents possessing innovation awareness and capability to meet the challenges posed in the 21st century by the new media industry. Students will be awarded Master of Arts in New Media upon successful completion of the program.
Program Duration: 2 school years
Language: The language of teaching and thesis writing is English.
Course Requirements: Courses consists of core courses and optional courses. Students are required to complete at least 20 credits of course work.
Critical Introduction to New Media (2 credits)
New Media Editing (2 credits)
Communication Studies (2 credits)
The Semantic Web (2 credits)
Data Mining: Behavior Analysis of Customer (2 credits)
New Media Technology: The Progresses (2 credits)
Video and Image Production (2 credits)
Convergent Journalism (2 credits)
Adaptation Studies (2 credits)
Social Computing and Information Networks (2 credits)
Computer Animation Technologies (2 credits)
Chinese Language (2 credits)
Education Practicum and Field Work consist 3 credits. Students are required to intern at media agencies doing course-related work.
Thesis consists 3 credits. Students are expected to bring specific research questions to the program. Thesis must demonstrate valid analytical skills, and combines theories with practical experience. Students must pass oral defense of thesis to obtain Master’s Degree.
Master’s Program of International Journalism and Communication
The Master’s Program of International Journalism and Communication cultivates professionals with global vision and strategic mindset. It not only equips students with humanistic knowledge and journalism theories, but also practical skills such as news interviewing, writing, editing, filming and reporting. Students will be fully competent for working in the field of International Journalism and Communication. Students will be awarded Master of Arts in International Journalism upon the successful completion of the program.  
The Major of Journalism at the School of Television and Journalism of Communication University of China is one of the best in the country. Adding to the excellent faculty team and teaching resources, renowned professionals are invited to give students instructions on their practice.
Program Duration: 2 school years
Language: The language of teaching and thesis writing is English.
l  Understanding Television Journalism (2 credits)
l  New Media Communication (2 credits)
l  Communication Studies (2 credits)
l  TV Formats and New Media (2 credits)
l  Journalistic Writing (2 credits)
l  Composing Elements of Photography(2 credits)
l  Video and Image Production (2 credits)
l  Adaptation Studies (2 credits)
l  New Media Critics (2 credits)
l  Communication Research Methods (2 credits)
l  TV Program Production (2 credits)
l  Advanced Journalistic Writing and Reporting Non-linear Editing System (2 credits)
Thesis: The subject of the thesis should address practical issues in the field of Journalism and Communication, with sufficient theoretical significance and practical value. Students must pass oral defense of thesis to obtain Master’s Degree.
II Admission Criteria
l  Applicant should have Bachelor’s Degree
l  Applicant should have educational background or working experience relevant to the subject of study
l  Applicant should have sufficient English language proficiency
III Application Time and Procedures
Time: From January 1st to May 30th
1.        Register and fill out required information at
2.        Upload documents as listed below:
l  Digital ID photo
l  Bachelor’s Degree Diploma or original Certificate of expected graduation from currently enrolled university
l  Transcript of undergraduate study
l  Two recommendation letters with signatures and official stamps
l  Passport or one other form of identification if passport is not available
l  TOEFL or IELTS test result if the applicant is not native speaker of English, and his/her previous educational or working experience cannot prove his/her English language proficiency.
l  Personal Statement demonstrating the applicant’s experience and motivation
l  Plan of Research for above 2000 words
l  Other materials to demonstrate the applicant’s talents (optional)
l  Warranty Letter (download format from Application Notes on admission system homepage)
3.        Pay application fee ¥600 online via admission system
Please Note:
If the language of any application material is not Chinese or English, please provide notarized translation in Chinese or English.
Original documents will be verified upon registration if considered necessary by admission officer.
Application materials and application fee are not refundable.
Only complete application with application fee payment will be reviewed.
IV Admission and Registration
Student will be notified of admission result via application system before June 20th.
Letter of Admission and student visa application materials will be mailed out to student’s mailing address provided in admission system within 2 weeks after the announcement of application result.
Student must enter China with valid student visa on regular passport.
Registration date will be in early September. Exact date will be confirmed by Letter of Admission.
Upon registration, students must purchase Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company as recommended by Ministry of Education.
V Accommodation
After registration, student may check-in on-campus dormitory for international students in person with Letter of Admission. Types of rooms and rates are as follows:
Dormitory Room Type Rate Facility
International Center With Balcony Double room ¥50/person/day Private Bathroom
Public Kitchen and Laundry Room
Single room ¥100/person/day
Without Balcony Double room ¥45/person/day
Single room ¥90/person/day
Building No. 37 Without Balcony Double room ¥40/person/day Public  Bathroom with Individual Units
Public Kitchen and Laundry Room
Single room ¥80/person/day
VI Tuition Fee
Tuition fee for New Media Program is ¥35,000 per school year. Tuition fee for International Journalism and Communication Program is ¥30,000 per school year.
Tuition fee for one school year must be paid in full amount before enrollment. Please pay in person by cash or UnionPay card, or make wire transfer to CUC account:
Bank Account of CUC:
Beneficiary: Communication University of China
Bank Account: 11001018700053028370-0002
Opening Bank: Dingfuzhuang Branch, Chaoyang District, Beijing
             China Construction Bank
Please Note: In additional comments, write your name, nationality and “Tuition Fee”.
VII Scholarship
Applicant is automatic candidate of Communication University of China International Students’ Scholarship or Beijing Municipal International Students’ Scholarship in forms of full or partial tuition fee deduction of the first school year. No application is needed. Student will be notified about scholarship result via email and Letter of Admission. Students are eligible to apply for Communication University of China International Students’ Scholarship or Beijing Municipal International Students’ Scholarship again at the end of first school year.
VIII Contact Information
International Students’ Office
School of International Education
Communication University of China
Tel:           +86-10-6577-9359  
Address:       Room 102, Building 30
No.1 Dingfuzhuang East Street, Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100024
People’s Republic of China